One Foot in The Gravy - The Story of UK Thrash Metal

I've been planning to write a book about the UK thrash scene for some time. When I discovered that the UK thrash documentary A History of a Time To Come was in production, I immediately contacted the film makers with whom I'm now working on the definitive account of UK thrash metal past and present. Below is the press release announcing the collaboration.

The makers of the forthcoming documentary A History of a Time to Come are now working with U.K. music journalist Greg Moffitt (Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Decibel) who is writing a book to accompany the film. Together, the documentary and the book will provide the definitive account of the U.K. thrash scene from its roots in the 1980s until the present day.

"In 2003 I had the idea to set out the story of U.K. thrash," Greg explains. "I lived through the scene as a teenager and felt that although the U.K. was the underdog compared to, say, the US and Germany, there was still a great tale to tell. It's a story of the British bulldog spirit facing down adversity and in that sense U.K. thrash was typical of the nation. With few exceptions, British thrash bands received very little global coverage back in the day, so this is also a largely untold story. When I originally devised the book concept, U.K. thrash was nothing but a dusty chapter in history. Today, things are quite different. The scene has sparked into life once again and veteran outfits continue to reform, some sounding better than ever. When I heard about the 'A History of a Time to Come' documentary and met the guys behind it, all the pieces finally fell into place and the timing was perfect."

As a companion piece to the film, A History of a Time to Come the book will expand the story, adding layers of detail and exploring in greater depth the development, decline and eventual re-emergence of U.K. thrash.

"We're delighted to be working in tandem with Greg on the project, and especially excited to see how the two projects will compliment each other. One of our concerns from the outset was that perhaps the film format would limit our ability to convey the story of the scene in enough depth to satisfy the fans, but with the introduction of the written story we feel confident that everyone, from hardcore fan to the casual cinema-goer will find their level of interest covered."

Both the film and the book are still in the production stages and anyone who feels they might be able to contribute in some way, be it with first hand stories, video/ audio materials or pictures etc. is encouraged to get in touch.

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